A very warm welcome on behalf of everybody at Ishtiaq Steel Industry. Ishtiaq Steel has been the name of quality steel products in the country for many decades now. Ishtiaq Steel Industry is the only organization in Pakistan which prepares Heavy Sections.

Corporate Citizenship

We are in a business where every product we produce emits pollutants, and we are quite aware of this reality. At Ishtiaq Steel Industry we formulated a vision to help resolve the fundamental issues faced by our society, and to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities we operate in. In doing so, we hope to build a better, sustainable society, in line with our corporate credo.

We are mindful of the ecological footprint of our business operations. As we go along, we continuously strive to find a balance between our fuel consumption and the technological mediums we use. The ecological dimensions of our operations primarily focus on energy and waste/pollution management.

With regards to CSR, we strongly believe in investing part of our profits for the greater good of society. Moving beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations, engagement with employees focuses on health and safety, promoting diversity and encouraging inclusivity at workplace. Meeting and exceeding labor and human rights norms is a key focus area.

Here at Ishtiaq Steel Industry, we have been working to minimize our carbon footprint by devising strategies that balance the necessity of growth with care for the environment. Painting businesses green with a single stroke of the brush is not feasible. By following a meticulously devised code of Business Conduct and contributing to the community we operate in, we direct our efforts to include and provide for the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the Pakistani society.

Ishtiaq Steel Industry is the largest and one of the oldest manufacturers of Re-rolling steel sections in Pakistan. Since 1975 from their Initial operations, Ishtiaq Steel was involved in the production of mild steel.

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