Equal Angle

Ishtiaq Steel Industry

Equal angle steel bars are characterized by excellent strength and tensile strength, and they’re known for providing top quality workability with no warping whatsoever.

From a practical standpoint, equal angle steel bars can be widely used. They’re great for reinforcing both large and small buildings due to their strength, and they’re often used in support frames for new construction projects. Plant and machinery facilities commonly contain large amounts of equal angle steel. They’re used in ships, railroads and all across the industries. Most are treated with anti-rust coating, an additional benefit in many fields. Ishtiaq steel Provides you this product in wide rang sizes

It Includes

  • Superior precise quality welds
  • Welds can be made with little or no filler
  • Precise control of welding variables
  • Free of spatter and sparks
  • Low Heat Distortion

Tig Welding

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Mig Welding

We bring everything needed, including a generator to power
Ishtiaq Steel Industry is the largest and one of the oldest manufacturers of Re-rolling steel sections in Pakistan. Since 1975 from their Initial operations, Ishtiaq Steel was involved in the production of mild steel. Keeping future needs and demands, we introduced different products to the local market and diversified our product range.

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